Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking Chances

For me, life is all about taking chances. We cannot just sit and wait for things to happen. We must have the initiative and determination to do things for our own. If we don't take chances or make choices we will never get to see what life really is. Time pass by really fast, I can remember me being just a little girl like it was yesterday. Every time I think about something bad that happened to me I can't stop saying to myself "if it wasn't for that experience i wouldn't be who I am right now". Every choice we make no matter how bad it turns out to be we have to face it with courage and knowledge.

My dad always said "every action has its reaction"and it is true. The reaction of an action that i thought that wouldn't affect no one maybe can change the world. I believe that with only a smile you can change the world. The first step to being successful and happy is to accept and love yourself.
Once you proudly love yourself you have to start risking perfect things for different ones. Imagine a world where everything is perfect and we have a stable life... Eventually it would be boring. We have to take chances. We have to risk it all to know and appreciate everything. Every little blessing we have came from a decision we took. If t weren't for the bad things we wouldn't appreciate the good ones. Many times we speak without knowing the real definition or meaning of the words so here it is..chances- the act of stepping outside your boundaries and doing something far from your own comfort zone, almost reckless even, that may be met with absolute success or outright failure.

If the outcome is an absolute success hooray ! if it was an outright failure you must have learned something about it and it does not matter how tiny that lesson is, it changed you. Everyday we change. We change our way of walking, thinking, dressing, and even eating. We must evolve, try new things, take chances, get out of our little comfort zone and start believing in ourselves, that way we can change the world.